Kapton polyimide tape for 3D printer
April 5, 2019
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Kapton polyimide tape is polyimide film with silicone adhesive.It is high temperature resistant and easy to pell off with no glue residue.It is widely used in 3D printer as a 3D printer accessories.


The rolls of tape come in lengths of 33 meters (36 yards) and are used to line your HBP (Heated Bed Platform) of your 3D Printer.


Polyimide tape is an excellent surface for adhering ABS and PLA to the heat bed of your 3D printer.This 33 meters' roll will last for many prints. Works perfectly on many 3d printers including, Felix printers, Makerbot, Flashforge, Leapfrog, Reprap, Printbot, Luzbot and 3dStuffmaker.

Kapton polyimide tape for 3D printerKapton polyimide tape for 3D printer