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SZ PUFENG PACKING MATERIAL LIMITED is an international machining manufacturer,who is devoting to the precison die-cutting machining field,designing insulation products,sourcing the best solutions and improving the quality and performance of products for customer.PUFENG was founded in 2014 and owns a professional plant serving for die-cutting machining materials.In order to be the leading manufacturer in the precision die-cutting field,PUFENG encourages creativity and innovation in advanced ...
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Kapton polyimide tape for 3D printer
Kapton polyimide tape is polyimide film with silicone adhesive.It is high temperature resistant and easy to pell off with no glue residue.It is widely used in 3D printer as a 3D printer accessories.   The rolls of tape come in lengths of 33 meters (36 yards) and are used to line your HBP (Heated Bed Platform) of your 3D Printer.   Polyimide tape is an excellent surface for adhering ABS and PLA to the heat bed of your 3D printer.This 33 meters' roll will last for many prints. Works perfectly on many 3d printers including, Felix printers, Makerbot, Flashforge, Leapfrog, Reprap, Printbot, Luzbot and 3dStuffmaker.
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PUFENG Office Move To Dongguan From Shenzhen
Located in Shajing town, Shenzhen city, PUFENG has professional teams for marcketing, designing and producing. Also PUFENG has been developing many important business partners all over the world. Inorder to comply with PUFENG's development requirements, we decided to move our office to Humen Town in Dongguan province within next months.We will keep being a sincere and high-quality supplier in the future.
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Tape market analysis
The industry with glue amount is large, accounts for about 52% of the total output adhesive products, mainly divided into decoration, seal and three types of structure. In these three categories and decoration industry of with adhesive volume is given priority to, accounting for more than ninety percent of the quantity of cement used, mainly used for organic silicon and polyurethane adhesive of glue, both the one-third, domestic supply is limited, but also rely on import; Structure adhesive has increased in recent years faster, there have been some products exported.    Adhesive products and other industry packing with glue At present paper packaging has become China's adhesive market's second largest consumer field, adhesive products accounted for about 13% of the total market demand. Shoes in third place, accounting for 9% of the total demand. The rest are widely used in industry, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, mechanical, electronic appliances, textile, chemical industry, light industry, medical care, agriculture, culture, education, sports, home, and other industries. In the car industry, for example, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, automobile use adhesive volume is increasing year by year trend, the dosage of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most plastic sol, asphalt bottom glue and neoprene, PU rubber and hot sol in recent years in the auto industry also has a lot of applications. Three, tape products   Tape can be divided into three categories, protective film series, packing tape and industrial tape   1, protection film Protective film and says surface protection tape, the most common is the carrier and acrylic glue PE solvent composition, in view of the different demand have different viscosity and thickness, mainly used in brand name plate, liquid crystal display (LCD), flat display (CRT), plasma display panels (PDPS), plastics, electronics, PCB, glass, furniture, stick the surface by, in order to prevent the surface is pollution or scratch. In recent years, as a PET protective film market is new bestow favor on, higher prices did not interfere with their demand continues to expand, selects high quality PET base material, functional elements of the injection of PET protective film is the development direction of the future.   2, packing tape Packing tape including cloth duct tape, OPP tape, aluminum foil, paper, yellow tape beautiful lines, mainly used for moistureproof, waterproof product packaging and heavy packaging. On the printing industry, which could be used to frame nets edge all around viscose protective in washing nets and printing without being corrosion. In addition, stretch film and shrinkable film packaging industry in application is very extensive. Stretch film is qualitative light, transparent and flexible, self-adhesive good, can be used to focus on product packaging or goods stack board type packing, damp-proof, dustproof and reduce artificial, improve efficiency, obtain protection products and lower the cost of dual purpose. Shrinkage film general with heat shrinkable primarily, used in stationery, printed, audio and video products, toys, cosmetics, electronic products, household goods and instant noodles, product packaging.   3, industrial tape Industrial tape with double-sided adhesive, a single glue, PCB special tape mainly.     Double-sided gum   (1) The so-called two-side glue, is actually materials (can be no base material) two machines were coated with glue tape, mainly for the film switches, PC keyboard nameplate, name plate, automobiles, home appliances, mobile phone, the PCB's component fixed, the market in the United States and 3 M, Japan on the product is the leadership, both product system integrity, stable quality, but the price is higher. In recent years, some moderate price, quality is stable products into the market, such as the water, in chemistry, Sony, grind Tesa, HanGuoBao NIKTO, Taiwan friends, 4 d and so on, they occupied the middle-grade price advantage gradually market, and in some products to the 3 M and east, the challenge. The low end of the market is occupied domestic manufacturer, and tape the price is low, the product model and single.   (2)  the double-sided tape corresponding is single adhesive tape, it is in the material side with glue used for the products and components fixed, sealing, the camouflage, the identification and use of packaging. Such as glass cloth tape, fiber tape, covered tape, labels and ground marking tape, etc.   (3) PCB special adhesive tape  the sticky paper: PCB board pretreatment, clean panel for dust removal.  the gold finger tape: protect PCB gold finger part in potions when immersing not corrosion.  card PuDui tape: protect PCB gold finger in the part when soldering no pollution   Four adhesive industry development trend   1, products accord with environmental protection requirement With the strengthening of public environmental awareness and the China's environmental protection laws and regulations is perfect, safe and practical, conforms to the international environmental protection standard adhesive products are for the mainstream, including 3 M, nitto, the numerous manufacturers are actively practice their environmental declaration.   2, the content of technology Technology innovation and performance improvement is the development direction of adhesive industry, manufacturers also will to the direction of the high scientific and technological content adjustment, the focus is to improve bingxisuan solvent glue, polyurethane, epoxy adhesive, optical and photosensitive plastic, pressure sensitive adhesive and silicon, etc. Various kinds of plastic department performance.   3 and product update for a big speed up International adhesive market steady development, technology innovation faster, new technology and product continuous born, promote adhesive industry unceasing renewal, application field and it will continue to expand.   4, competition tend to be intense Overall, Europe and the relative to developed markets mature, and in rapid development in the asia-pacific region, especially the "world factory" China for many years kept at 8% economic growth rate, adhesive growing market, competition also increasingly intensified. The rise in oil prices and because of the fluctuation of exchange rate increased each production manufacturer for for raw materials, many large adhesive enterprises have the Europe and America in the Asia Pacific looking for agency, set up the office or the factory directly, the foreseeable future conventional adhesive products prices will keep falling, the profit growth point will focus on technology high levels of the new product.
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Tape classification
1  a uv-curable pressure sensitive adhesive preparation methods 2  acrylic polymers combination of things, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and method of preparation 3  acrylic of pressure sensitive adhesive combination content and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 4  organsilicone-modified acrylates high temperature resistant, insulation pressure sensitive adhesive tape and preparation 5  hydrophilic polyurethane pressure sensitive adhesive and method of preparation 6  pressure sensitive glue mark cleaner 7  natural rubber latex modified pressure sensitive adhesive and production methods 8  high temperature resistant antistatic of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes 9  of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive 10  a high temperature resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and method of preparation 11  hot to dissolve type acrylates medical pressure-sensitive adhesive 12  viscous emulsion of pressure sensitive adhesive 13  heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive structures 14  used for pressure sensitive adhesive and seal gum can be cured adhesive 15  to pulp of pressure sensitive adhesive multi-layer structure 16  layers of pressure sensitive adhesive structure And they put hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive coating in thermal fabric methods and equipment 18  hydrogenated rosin modified acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive 19  in the following pressure sensitive fillet of a conductive particles of the road bridge soft belt 20  hot melt of pressure sensitive adhesive
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